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    JPWG Secondary Home


    JPWG’s team of highly skilled, experienced Real Estate professionals, consultants and vast network will provide guidance, direction, market education, execution, value and experienced negotiation tactics. This will allow our clients to properly re-enter the Real Estate market in a more concise and less stressful approach. Let us make your experience more cost effective, lucrative and painless.

    The purchase of a secondary home is very important, since it will involve different factors both financially and legally. Our network will make sure this decision will be beneficial and offer you complete coverage in its implications.

    Many factors will be involved in this decision. Rather investing for revenues, long or short-term leasing, many options are open for a chance to invest in search of profits in the Real Estate world.

    JPWG Secondary Home

    JPWG understands the worth of your hard-earned money and of the true value it represents. The secondary home is more than a simple purchase it’s a business decision. One that may provide you with great benefits and profits if properly guided.

    The Real Estate world is sometimes a very fast changing world and at JPWG through our network of professionals, will make sure to offer you the best information gathering, market analysis and future extrapolations, so you may have the best recommendations for your purchase.

    The combination of various years of experience and a true desire to aid you in the best possible decisions, is what JPWG represents.

    The secondary home may also represent a home away from home such as country homes and/or chalets. Travelling to the countryside will always be a source of relaxation and tranquility. Investing in certain areas will require verifications and certain precautions. Many factors may render this type of purchase troublesome if taken lightly.

    Verifications are needed in order to fully enjoy your home. Bylaws, regulations and future projects in relation to where your secondary home is located may hinder the price, comfort as well as the value.

    At JPWG we consider and evaluate all possibilities to guarantee satisfaction.