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    Revenue Properties | JPWG


    The term Revenue Properties refers to many different forms of Real Estate. It refers to the purpose of generating a profit through capital gains or rental income.
    Commercial Real Estate encompasses many different forms of properties, such as:

    • Office buildings
    • Retail Stores/Restaurants
    • Shopping Malls
    • Land development (i.e. farm land) Multi-family housing properties (buildings) in the form of multiplexes
    • Industrial warehouses
    • As well as miscellaneous properties in the form of Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Medical centers and storage units

    JPWG’s team, resources and network has a vast array of knowledge and experience with regards to purchasing, selling and leasing commercial properties, whether for personal use or investment.

    No matter the size, our team, network of consultants and resources will provide a thorough market analysis of all available opportunities and

    Our methodology at JPWG is to listen to our client’s needs and demands and then dissect, analyze and understand our clients, with regards to
    location, type of use, size and budget.

    Our network which is continuously growing, provides JPWG with access to listed and unlisted properties, giving us an edge and advantage over our competitors.

    Revenue Properties | JPWG

    Development can be represented in many various forms. Development can encompass renovations and the re-leasing of existing properties such as buildings.

    Other forms of development are the purchase of land and the sale of developed land. Development differs from construction.
    Various Real Estate developers obtain land through purchasing and then plan and build condo projects or large rental properties such as multi-plex’s.

    There are developers who focus on condos, houses, retail locations as well as shopping malls or small communities. Developers may also finance Real Estate deals through their own monetary means or through various forms of lenders and banks.

    Real Estate developments return on investment can be much greater financially then other forms of investment.

    Once the land is acquired by the developer and all the necessary steps and legalities are taken, the developer can then market the property. When it comes to development, legal permits are needed in order to commence. Developers must use or obtain architects, inspectors, city planners, engineers, surveyors, contractors, lawyers, leasing agents, etc.

    JPWG’s vast network and resources consists of seasoned and experienced specialists, whom are able to aid companies and individuals interested in Real Estate development.

    JPWG has created a specialized team and network, which clients can rely on to build the right property or to invest in. Let our years of experience and knowledge which pertains to specific geographic areas and market analysis guide you into making the best and most appropriate decision regarding where to commence Real Estate development.

    Real Estate Investment continues to grow within the marketplace in Montreal, Quebec and Canada among various other countries. It is well known that Real Estate investment has been and continues to be seen as a relatively safe investment compared to investing in other various forms, such as the stock market. When investment in Real Estate is made, a tangible investment/purchase is acquired.

    Therefore, whether it be a residential or commercial property that is purchased, the property will always hold value, as oppose to investing in the stock-market or a business which can be extremely volatile.

    When investing in a business or in the various stock markets, the risk is increased and the possibility of losing your total investment is far greater.
    Helping our clients understand the different options available with regards to Real Estate investment encompasses many different
    options: One option is the purchase or sale of multi-plex or multi-housing property.

    Another option is land development for various uses, which can later be developed into many different options, or simply can be held until the land increases in value over time.

    Land acquisition may include the possibility of building Condominiums, Industrial buildings, Office Buildings etc.

    Revenue Properties | JPWG

    At JPWG we provide informative knowledge which allows our customers to rest assured that their investment is as safe as possible. We help educate our clients with regards to Taxes, Fees, Operating Expenses, Rent, Depreciation, as well as proceeds from the sale of a property.

    JPWG informs clients about their initial investment (placing a down payment), Debt Service (mortgage payment), capital expenses and tenant leasing costs, as well as costs associated with the sale of a property.