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  • New Construction / Renovation / Transformation

    JPWG New Construction / Renovation / Transformation

    Project Prospecting

    When dealing with new construction there are many factors to take into account. Whether it be purchasing an existing property for the purpose of demolishing it and re-building, building homes or condos on acquired land, building a property in an area that is not yet fully developed or is up-and-coming.

    JPWG can aid with our team of consultants, experts, various resources and network of qualified professionals and tradesman. We understand what is involved and needed in the process of building a new property from start to finish, or when it comes to renovations for all forms of properties or transformations.

    Our close relationships with various construction companies and contractors has provided us with the acquired knowledge as well as the proper resources required to build new properties and renovate older properties.

    We understand the legalities and have access to the best law firms required to obtain and follow the proper legal channels. JPWG and its team of consultant’s is experienced in the domain of the necessary permits required from the city in order to build, renovate or transform a property within the required rules and regulations.

    Each and every area, whether it be a city or Borough, can and will have different standards according to specific building codes. We are able to secure the permits in a timely fashion, allowing our clients to focus on other important issues.

    JPWG New Construction / Renovation / Transformation

    JPWG has the ability to consult with our clients and walk them through the entire process from A to Z, explaining the expected time frame with which they will be able to have their property built, renovated, or transformed.

    JPWG has the capacity to provide the various steps and information required and needed throughout the entire process.

    We will provide clarification with regards to all the areas associated with new construction, renovations and transformations, which will allow us to provide easy understanding and clarification to any questions or concerns you may have.

    Working with JPWG will allow for our vast knowledge, network and resources to be at your disposal in order to work to your advantage, both financially, efficiently and effectively.

    By working with us we not only save our client’s money, but we provide alternatives to commonly made mistakes and choices, which end up being quite costly and time consuming.