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    Rentals | JPWG


    When leasing or renting a property you will sign a lease (a legally binding contract, between the Lessor/landlord and the Lessee/Renter), which stipulates your monthly cost of the property, any other possible expenses and commitments.

    This leasing contract stipulates the terms of the lease between you and the lessor/landlord. The contract will most likely stipulate the time frame (in terms of years and months) you will occupy the property and the amount of monthly, or annual rent you are liable to pay.

    Rentals may at times be more attractive, due to the possibility with which, one can terminate a lease or re-lease the property to someone else by subletting it, if they wish to move out of said property. There are many advantages to leasing a property within Montreal and the province of Quebec.

    These come in the form of the ability to terminate a lease under specific circumstance and the time left on the lease. When renting the landlord is usually responsible for all aspects of the property unless otherwise stipulated in the lease agreement.

    The expense associated with utilities such as: electricity, water, heating etc., can either be included in the monthly lease payment, or may be up to the Lessee (individual or company renting).

    Many will say that Renting is often seen as throwing away your hard-earned dollars. This statement stems from the fact that, when entering a lease your payments do not represent a return on investment with regards to the property.

    When entering a lease agreement, you have more flexibility and less responsibilities in terms of maintaining the property. Most commonly you are required to pay the first and last month’s rent up-front.

    Rentals | JPWG

    The advantage of leasing is that you create greater flexibility as oppose to purchasing and most often the cost is significantly lower, because you do not have to place a significant down-payment or form of collateral immediately upon signing a lease agreement.

    One other such benefit to leasing is that if a client is uncertain of the location they wish to live, renting may be a great alternative. The term of a lease generally is anywhere between 1-5 years in terms of renting a primary residence. When leasing a property, there is more flexibility with regards to the lessee (renter).

    For lessors/landlords, JPWG is a source of great tenant prospecting. A full screening procedure that will filter all applicants. We provide, to the limits of the law, a full investigation on the applicants and will provide you with the best possible tenants for a final interview or simply a lease signing. Rather it be for short term leasing or long term,