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    JPWG Property Management

    Property Management

    JPWG understands the complications involved with property management, by definition, refers to managing all aspects of a property. This encompasses finances, daily operations, tenants, rent collection, maintenance, and upkeep, among others. We offer solutions, which optimize revenue, tenant satisfaction, and various other important factors.

    Our formula provides a quick, easy and cost-effective method to managing a property. Property Management can encompass some or all of these factors: acquisition, accountability, control, maintenance, cleaning, responsibility, utilization, and disposition.

    JPWG has the capability to handle and manage all of these areas related to property management for our clients as well as the ability to offer our services and network within specific more specialized areas.

    Whether choosing the various services JPWG provides or our network to manage commercial and residential properties, let JPWG simplify the various responsibilities related to revenue properties, whether it be apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, vacation homes, etc.

    If our clients prefer guidance/resources and expertise concerning property management, for those willing to manage their own properties, JPWG can provide clarity and all necessary steps to appropriately maximize revenue, evaluate, manage and lower operating costs. We can to provide a full-service management system for domestic and foreign property owners.

    Property Management can encompass all of these factors: Utilization Accountability Control Disposition Acquisition Cleaning Maintenance Responsibility

    JPWG provides a unique 24hr emergency service, composed of a team for all property related issues not related to tenants. This may represent issues with water infiltration, smoke, fire damage, electrical issues, etc.

    JPWG is able to provide immediate assistance, which can and will allow for immense savings when a serious issue or problem arises.

    Whether it be through personal financial liability or through possible or necessary insurance claims. We are able to provide a quick and easy assessment as well as a permanent and/or temporary solution to avoid exuberant value losses and future expenses.

    Many service providers are unable to assess a situation
    immediately due to lack of staff, resources, equipment and time of day or night.

    This commonly allows certain serious and detrimental property damage, which can incur higher costs at a later date. If the
    problem is neglected.

    In most cases the longer the issue goes unaddressed or unresolved, the larger the expense and work involved will be in the future.

    We provide a service that is immediate, instead of waiting days or weeks to have a major/minor issue resolved.