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    JPWG Foreign Investments


    JPWG provides every necessary resource for foreign investments. Our firm has the capability to assist first time investors through the entire process effectively and efficiently.

    Within Montreal, and surrounding areas in the province of Quebec, there are currently no citizenship or residency issues related to purchasing or owning any form of Real Estate.

    Many other provinces in Canada have imposed tariffs, duties and taxes regarding Real Estate related foreign investment. Due to the Canadian trend in imposing various taxes and fees as well as immigration policies.

    Now is the time to invest in Montreal and its surrounding areas in the province of Quebec. Due to the future possibility that the province of Quebec and the city of Montreal may follow suit legally in terms of high foreign investor taxes, duties and tariffs.

    These fees and regulations, have recently been implemented in other Canadian metropolitan cities such as Vancouver and the province of British Columbia, or Toronto and the province of Ontario, making purchasing and owning Real Estate in those provinces and cities within Canada quite difficult, both financially and in other forms such as entering the country for the purpose of immigrating or for vacationing.

    Now is the time to Invest in Real Estate in Montreal and its surrounding areas in the province of Quebec. Due to the fact that these types of fees in the form of taxes, tariffs and other expenses and limitations have yet to be implemented.

    JPWG Foreign Investments

    JPWG provides the following services among others: We provide
    access to many of the most decorated and seasoned Real Estate
    focused professionals, whom understand the market trends, key/safe areas to invest, as well as finding the greatest return on investment, both long-term and short-term, depending on one’s needs and desires.

    Whether it be in the form of legal representation, Immigration
    specialists, Real Estate Brokers, Notaries, Accountants, Property
    management and our 24-hour emergency service, etc.

    As a Real Estate consulting firm, we cannot provide legal consultation and information pertaining to legal matters, however our network consists of Lawyers and litigators as well as notaries who specialize in all aspects of law, related to Real Estate.

    Our network of representatives such as lawyers, notaries and
    insurance brokers, among others, allow for representation in the form of criminal matters in order to gain access into Canada, Civil matters, Immigration, Taxes, mortgages or financial lenders.

    When it comes to foreign investment in the sector of Real Estate, the legal rules and regulations are not straight forward. It is essential that foreigners who seek to invest in the Real Estate market, obtain professional advisors, whom are able to provide insight and direction for investors to proper legal and pertinent professionals.

    Legally speaking you may encounter various legal and quite possibly costly unforeseen issues. Lastly our team and network of consultants, professionals and experts will inform our clients with regards to the best and most sought-after geographical areas with the highest estimated ROI (return on investment) and market growth.

    JPWG can also provide the possibility of Real Estate investment in various up and coming areas which are currently underdeveloped, which over time will represent a great ROI.