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    JPWG First Home


    Our focus at JPWG is to listen to our client’s needs/demands and address them accordingly, while providing various options within the marketplace. Our firm will conduct a proper market analysis in order to guarantee that the type of property being scouted or purchased will continue to grow from an investment standpoint, while meeting all current personal needs.

    We understand the emotional process involved with purchasing your first home or residence and take every possible measure to help locate and acquire the appropriate property that suits all of your needs, while achieving the lowest possible purchase price. Our specialized team, network and resources, will evaluate your needs and budget and will provide an educated analysis of the market.

    Purchasing your primary residence will not only serve as your home base, but from an investment standpoint, will most likely be your largest investment and will build equity over time as well.

    There are many steps involved with purchasing your first home or primary residence. JPWG will help dissect and provide clarity, with regards to these various important steps.

    Our team of professionals will educate you on the current and possible future housing/condo market in Montreal and its surrounding boroughs within Quebec and Canada.

    JPWG First Home

    We also have the capability, resources and network to seek and obtain properties in various other countries around the globe. JPWG will provide an analysis of where the housing and condo market appears to be going in the near to distant future, based on market analysis, economic resources and global economic relations.

    We will offer, propose and advise, while providing many options to help evaluate the budget, location and type of property you wish to obtain. In order to aid in your first residence purchase. JPWG will assist you with the various options involved with, applying for credit and having to place a down payment, in order to obtain a Mortgage, from a bank or lender of your choice.

    We will share our knowledge and experience, describing the hidden fees and/or costs associated with purchasing your first home or condo.

    It is quite unfortunate, however quite often many brokers are focused solely on the sale of the property and do not discuss the various elements associated with becoming a homeowner and/or condo owner. Our goal is to not only help our clients make their first residence purchase, but to create an on-going relationship in order to provide aid and clarity in all areas of Real Estate.

    JPWG is able to provide experienced, responsible and capable brokers whom will go above and beyond expectations in order to satisfy every client’s needs. Many of our clients have and continue to reach out to us, due to the positive experience they have encountered working with our consulting firm.

    JPWG offers many Real Estate related services, contacts and resources, therefore no matter what your needs may be, we will find a solution.