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    JPWG Buy / Renovate / Sale

    Project Prospecting

    At JPWG our network and various resources, as well as trusted contacts allow our clients to buy/renovate/ sell their properties seamlessly. No matter the type of property, JPWG is able to supply the proper channels to clients with regards to location, renovations and sale price, which will lead to selling the property at a profit.

    JPWG will also provide a thorough market analysis with comparisons, past and present which will exemplify the most lucrative and sought-after areas to invest in flipping (buying/renovating/selling) a property.

    Depending on our client’s budget and needs, we are able to find the best possible property for those who wish to enter or increase the value of flipping properties. There are many factors to look at before purchasing a property, for the sole purpose of renovating and selling.

    JPWG’s team, network and various resources, will allow our clients an organized, easier and more lucrative way of performing flips.

    JPWG Buy / Renovate / Sale

    Geographic location is extremely important when it comes to selecting the right property, as well as the purchase price. The purchase price and the condition of a property will be the deciding factor, with regards to whether or not you will make a profit.

    The property, land and layout, must be properly evaluated, as well as the surrounding properties in the area.

    It is important to understand what the potential revenue will be given the geographic area and comparable properties surrounding the property you wish to purchase.

    Calculations are extremely important, because you must have a rough estimate of what the property will cost as a whole with the renovations and changes that will be made, in order to be up to city code.

    Entering the market of flipping properties can be extremely exciting and profitable, however there are many variables to consider.

    JPWG understands the steps, resources as well as how to visually make a proper estimate regarding the current state of the property being looked at.

    We also provide our network of professionals in various fields needed to effectively and efficiently execute a flip and make as high of a return on your investment as possible.

    Let our knowledge, resources and network work to your advantage and avoid the possibility of a loss on your investment.