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    JPWG Bulk Sales


    A bulk sale by definition is the sale of a business without the sale of the property it occupies at the time of sale. Bulk sales can be represented by the following types of businesses: restaurants, convenient stores, gas stations, mechanical garages (car repairs), car washes, dry cleaners, fitness centers as well as clothing stores etc.

    Bulk sales provide the possibility of purchasing a business in its entirety without the property it currently
    operates within.

    JPWG Bulk Sales

    This allows for the possibility of the seller to retain their property while renting it to the new business owner. In doing so the seller has the ability to hold on to his property, which can generate another form of income through a sale or lease.

    This can be beneficial for the purchaser of the business who may not have the immediate means to acquire the property as well as the business or may wish to relocate the business etc.

    JPWG offers numerous advantages to this form of Real Estate transaction and we have successfully completed many of these transactions.

    Understanding the landscape with regards to the economy, politics and various forms of rules and regulations, is essential.

    JPWG has a vast network of professionals that will efficiently and cautiously guide you through a bulk sale transaction. Even experienced clients have and can benefit from our expertise in the field.

    Our constant market research will give you the necessary information needed when deciding whether to move the business to a new location or keep the business in the same location.

    With the inception of JPWG, companies and individuals now have access to a full-service firm providing every possible resource and necessity. Comprised of an experienced team of individuals to guide them through the process of purchasing or leasing their first residence and/or for the purpose of investment