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    Most powerful knowledge base
    to meet the Real Estate needs
    of its clients worldwide.


    Companies and Individuals
    A Full-Service Firm


    Real Estate
    Market in Canada is thriving

    Real Estate

    Real Estate JPWG

    Real Estate

    JPWG as a consulting firm, is the wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Real Estate. We at JPWG realized the need and desire for a continuous influx of those willing to enter the world of real estate in all forms. Many of our past clients lacked knowledge, experience as well as the proper contacts. JPWG was created for those individuals who are interested in investing in the Real Estate market and do not possess the necessary resources, network, contacts to properly and securely invest.

    With the inception of JPWG, companies and individuals now have access to a full-service firm providing every possible resource and necessity. Comprised of an experienced team of individuals to guide them through the process of purchasing or leasing their first residence and/or for the purpose of investment.

    What began as two Real Estate brokers career’s, has transformed into a business designed to cater to the needs of our foreign and domestic clients. Many past clients prior to the existence of JPWG, have had similar questions pertaining to all the necessary and legal steps involved with the purchase and/or lease of Real Estate. Whether for personal use or investment, it is for these reasons that JPWG was created.

    With the current economic global landscape constantly evolving, many countries around the globe have prospered financially within the last two decades. With this change and shift in monetary wealth amongst foreign countries. Individuals have recently made the decision to diversify their investment portfolio on a global scale.

    Canada has become extremely attractive for individuals to claim primary residence, as well as for investment purposes. Primarily within the multitude of sectors, which encompass the Real Estate market. “Why Canada you ask”, due to Canada’s continuous growth and attractive dollar, the Real Estate Market in Canada is thriving and many foreign investors have noticed the cost of the Canadian dollar compared to their currency. Due to where Canada stands globally and economically, many foreigners have and continue to bring their money into Canada in the form of investment.

    Residential Real Estate

    Our focus at JPWG is to listen to our client’s needs/demands and address them accordingly, while providing various options within the marketplace.

    JPWG’s team of highly skilled, experienced Real Estate professionals, consultants and vast network will provide guidance, direction, market-education, execution, value and experienced negotiation tactics.

    Commercial Real Estate

    When the market cannot meet your requirements the option to purchase a lot or a piece of land, may become the best possible choice for many Real Estate investors.

    Industrial properties are composed of buildings which are commonly used for sorting facilities, storage, manufacturing, research and development, distribution and third-party logistics companies.

    A Bulk-sale by definition is the sale of a business without the sale of the property it occupies at the time of sale.

    JPWG understands the complications involved with property management.
    Property management by definition, refers to managing all aspects of a property.

    Project prospecting

    Real Estate JPWG Project prospecting

    At JPWG our network and various resources, as well as trusted contacts allow our clients to buy/renovate and sell.

    JPWG can aid with our team of consultants, experts, various resources and network of qualified professionals and tradesman.

    Real Estate Properties

    JPWG will present to our clients various properties, such as:

    Condos, Office buildings, Multi-housing, Industrial

    Condos, Single-homes, Multi-family-properties

    Commercial and Residential

    JPWG Properties

    First Time Buyers

    When purchasing your first home or residence, there are many steps and legalities involved with completing the purchase, which may become frightening or overwhelming, for first time buyers. At JPWG we provide access to our entire team and network of professionals, tradesman and legal representatives in order to guarantee a successful and easy transaction.

    Real Estate Rentals

    JPWG Rentals

    When leasing or renting a property you will sign a lease
    (a legally binding contract, between the Lessor/landlord and the Lessee/Renter), which stipulates your monthly cost of the property, any other possible expenses and commitments.


    Real Estate will always be associated with construction. They work hand in hand from the very beginning of a project to the end. Whether the project is residential or commercial, the property in question will always need the following: repairs, renovations or modifications.

    Real Estate Investment

    JPWG provides every necessary resource for foreign investors. Our firm has the capability to assist first time investors through the entire process effectively and efficiently.

    JPWG Foreign Investment


    What is a mortgage you may ask? Quite simply, it is a loan that a lender, most commonly a bank, provides to a future purchaser of the following properties: condo, home, commercial property as well as various other forms of Real Estate. A mortgage through a financial institution such as a bank, requires good credit and a down-payment to be placed in the form of cash down.